Admissions Guide

Thank you for your interest in joining The International School @ ParkCity Hanoi. At ISPH we open the admissions throughout the year. There is no specific time for admissions, however, we do have some year groups that have reached the full capacity, so please contact our Admissions Team to find out the availability. 

We aim to make the process of enrolment as simple and straightforward as possible. Please follow the steps below to submit the application for your children.

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Step 1: Application

To begin enrolment, complete the application form online at and upload the required supporting documentation.
Read and Sign off Terms and conditions governing enrollment and admissions, (also available in Vietnamese).

Step 2: Admissions Assessment

Next, we will contact you to arrange the Admissions Assessment. During this session the Principal, Head of Primary or Head of Secondary will meet you and your child to discuss your application. Your child will then complete various assessment tasks.

Step 3: Offer of school

Following successful completion of steps 1 & 2, a school place can then be offered, subject to availability. Parents receive an Offer Letter, usually within two days. If an offer cannot be made, we will explain.


Step 4: Acceptance and

To accept the offer of a place and complete your child’s registration at ISPH: 

1. Sign & return: (a) Offer Letter 

(b) Make payment of the Registration Fee

2. Registration completed. A school place is reserved at ISPH. 

Step 5: Payment of
fees & deposit

Before the child’s commencement at the school, parents will pay all other applicable fees; for example the tuition fee, capital fee and security deposit. 

Admissions completed. The student is enrolled at ISPH. 

Admissions FAQs

This section will provide families quick access to your most pressing enquiries into ISPH and our admissions process.

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