Fees & Incentives

At ISPH, we provide a high-quality international education that is delivered by our dedicated, experienced and highly-qualified teachers. They provide enriching, rigorous and personalised learning activities, and create a safe school in which every student is happy and treated as an individual. We believe our tuition fees offer excellent value for money in comparison to similar top-tier international schools in Hanoi and we are pleased to be able to offer new ISPH families a variety of financial support programmes.

ISPH Schedule of Fees for 2023-24

Download our schedule of fees in English for 2023-24

Incentive Programmes

1. Early Bird Promotion

3% discount on Tuition Fees. 

Available to students in Years 2 to 12. Pay Tuition Fees by 7th July 2023. Discount applied to the total amount paid (on either Annual or Termly plan).

2. Up to 45% reduction on tuition fee for EYC and Year 1

To make world-class international education even more affordable for new families, with the chance to join one of Hanoi’s most vibrant and highly regarded international schools, ISPH is delighted to announce a special promotion of up to 45% off tuition fees for 2 consecutive years for early enrollment.

3. Special Promotion for ParkCity Residents

100% waiver of both the Application Fee and Registration Fee for residents or owners of property in ParkCity. 

Application and Registration Fees are payable during the admissions process, then deducted from the first tuition invoice.

4. Registration Fee Promotion

50% waiver of the Registration Fee for new students living in other areas of Hanoi.

Available to students who join in 2023-24 living in areas other than ParkCity.  Registration Fee is payable during the admissions process, then deducted from the first tuition invoice.

3. Free Application for families attending our Discovery Day events

Join us in our upcoming Discovery Day to experience the vibrancy of school life at ISPH, and to find out what makes ISPH the very best choice of international school in Hanoi for your child!