Co-Curricular Activities

Understanding that each student is a unique individual with abilities and talents in different areas, we have developed a comprehensive and dynamic co-curricular programme, helping students to explore their strengths and talents for future success.

ISPH CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) programme offers a wide range of options in sports, arts, computing, science, craft and soft-skills. This programme helps students to explore their strengths and talents as well as stimulating creative thought, improving their social and organisational skills, and helping them to develop physically and emotionally. It also allows students to build friendships with children from lower or higher age groups.

Each term throughout the year we offer around 50 clubs and activities that cater to the diverse interests of our students at ISPH. A key element of the CCA programme is to promote enjoyment and fun but we also aim to broaden students’ experiences, present new challenges or provide opportunities for activities that they would not otherwise be able to experience.

CCAs are either teacher-led clubs and activities, which are free of charge, or ‘Specialist CCAs’. Specialist CCAs are paid activities and enable us to invite external experts into the school to lead activities that teachers are unable to offer.

CCAs take place after school throughout the week from Monday to Thursday, and students can choose as many clubs and activities as they wish to attend.