Mascot Design Competition

🎨✨ Calling all ISPH artists and innovators! 🌟 Get ready to make history by creating the first-ever mascot for ISPH in our exciting Mascot Design Competition.

Important Dates: 📅 December 15, 2023, to January 3, 2024

Submission Details: Submit your designs here or hand them over to your teachers on January 3rd.

The Creative Initiative: This competition aims to engage students in expressing their artistic talents and contributing to our school’s identity. A school mascot is more than just a symbol; it represents unity, pride, and spirit. By involving our students in its creation, we hope to foster a strong sense of community and ownership.

Who Can Participate: The competition is open to all students of ISPH. Participants can enter individually or form teams with a maximum of three members.

Design Guidelines:

  • Celebrate the diverse and inclusive community at ISPH.
  • Draw inspiration from Vietnamese culture by incorporating elements of three animals: Water Buffalo, Sao La, Moon Bear.
  • Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Artwork can be hand-drawn or digitally created.
  • Each participant or team can submit only one entry.
  • Include a short description explaining the symbolism and inspiration behind the design.

Prizes: 🏆 Special Prize for the Winner:

  • 1 Voucher for ISPH Summer Camp 2024 (100%)
  • Mascot Stuffed Animal
  • Certification

🥈 Prizes for 2nd Best Designs:

  • Mascot Stuffed Animal
  • Certification

Participation Rewards: Every student who submits a design will receive House Points and an ISPH wristband.

Let Your Creativity Shine: This is your chance to be a part of ISPH’s history and leave a lasting mark on our school. Unleash your creativity, celebrate diversity, and be inspired by Vietnamese culture. Let’s create a mascot that embodies the vibrant spirit of ISPH!

Join us in this incredible journey of artistic expression and community building. We can’t wait to see the amazing designs that will shape the identity of ISPH for years to come. Good luck, and may the most creative design win! 🚀 #ISPHMascotDesign #CreativityUnleashed #ISPHCommunitySpirit