A welcoming and vibrant learning environment in which all students are empowered to reach their full potential

The Primary School follows the English National Curriculum (ENC), which is enhanced by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The ENC is an academically-rigorous curriculum that ensures students receive a progressive and detailed understanding of fundamental knowledge and concepts. 

The IPC is an international programme which provides children with rich learning opportunities that foster a sense of curiosity and enjoyment. There is also a strong focus on social and emotional development for students, with a great emphasis placed on collaboration and cooperation.

Teaching strategies are personalised to address the needs of the children. Our highly-experienced teachers encourage students to work with diligence and independence, and to reflect on their work constructively. Learning support is provided for students who need additional support with their English language learning, through our comprehensive E.A.L. programme. 

At ISPH, we create a warm and engaging atmosphere where the students can flourish both academically and socially. We work tirelessly to create an exciting atmosphere and develop a bespoke curriculum that is adapted to the needs and abilities of the students in each year group. Through comprehensive assessment and feedback to students, we ensure strong progress is made across the curriculum for all our students.

Journey through Primary School