Stuart Hill

Co-Principal/ Head of Secondary

Stuart has been working in education for over 20 years and started his career as a Physical Education teacher in High Wycombe, England. He took his first leadership post as the Head of Physical Education and Sport in the same school before moving to Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow where he became the Head of Key Stage 4.

Most recently Stuart has been living and working in Hangzhou, China where he is part of the Executive Leadership team at RDFZ King’s College School. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education from Exeter University.

Stuart believes firmly that education should never be quantified by just academics, and that a young person’s well-being and character development are equally as important for their success. A happy student learns and strives, and will show greater progress and pride in their development when fully motivated and challenged.

Stuart joins ISPH with his son Kieran. In his spare time Stuart is very active and enjoys everything involving the outdoors. He is a keen cyclist and hiker, and loves climbing in the mountains. Stuart also enjoys cooking, fishing and photography, and has travelled extensively throughout the world.