Daniel Betancourt

Spanish Teacher

Daniel was born in Colombia. He studied Anthropology for his Bachelor´s degree and an M.A. in History, both in Colombia. He has worked in the Academic Publishing Industry in Bogotá (Colombia) for 11 years. Because of this experience, he became a passionate professional for spreading the Spanish language through books, journals, and in university education as an assistant teacher for two years. Through his work experience in Spanish language and his academic education related to culture and history he moved on to become a Spanish Teacher. In 2018, he travelled to México city to get his Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher Training Certificated by the Instituto Cervantes in International House Teacher Training. From 2019 to the present, he has been teaching Spanish in Hanoi to young learners and senior adults. He has been enjoying discovering the Vietnamese culture and showing the rich and wide culture of the Hispanic-American world. Outside teaching Daniel likes Latin dance, reading literature and social science books, publishing projects, Buddhist philosophy, and travelling to keep discovering other ways to live and understand the world.