Stephanie Yap

Mandarin Teacher (Head of Languages)

Stephanie was born and raised in Malaysia and grew up a first-language Mandarin speaker. She went through 11 years of Chinese education in Malaysia, before graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia with distinction in Bachelor of Commerce. After completing her degree, Stephanie realised education was her true calling and went on to complete multiple education qualifications, in both Chinese and English mediums. She is an assessment specialist for the IGCSE Chinese as a First Language, Chinese as a Second Language, and Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Stephanie began her formal teaching career in 2016. In that time she has taught both Chinese and international students of different ages and backgrounds and has particularly enjoyed teaching Chinese teaching as a second language. Prior to coming to Hanoi, Stephanie worked in a number of Malaysian schools.

Apart from teaching, Stephanie loves reading and travelling during her leisure time. These activities help to energise her and refresh her mind.