Living in Hanoi

Vietnam is a popular expat destination for working families from all over the world. Its capital city Hanoi is located in the centre of Vietnam’s Northern region. It is a place with fast-paced economic development and a dynamic working environment. In this beautiful, culturally-rich city, cultural differences are always welcomed by its friendly local people. The city prospers by preserving traditional values as well as embracing the thriving expat community; newcomers will quickly immerse themselves in this historic yet vibrant environment.

Education for your child

There are many choices for the education of your child in Hanoi, from local public schools to bilingual and international schools. If you are searching for an international school, apart from the fees, there are some factors you should consider: 

At ISPH, we offer extensive programmes of study based on the UK curriculum, combined with international programmes for both local and expatriate students aged 3 to 18 years old. Students graduating from ISPH will receive IGCSE and A-Level certificates from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). 

We also offer free EAL lessons and after-school Activities, which together with the Learning Support programme help new students quickly become confident English users and fully immersed into the school’s international environment. 

We believe ISPH will allow your child to develop knowledge, learning skills and an understanding of the world, helping them build a solid foundation for future successes.

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Accommodation in Hanoi

Where to live

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing where to live in Hanoi. Families looking to locate here will be sure to find a vibrant, thriving city with a strong expat community. 

To help you choose where to live we have made a Hanoi map, which will help you get an idea of key locations in the city, recommended residential areas, ISPH, and more.

If you’re looking to move to Hanoi with children, you may prefer to live closer to the school you choose for them. However, at ISPH we provide a bus service for journeys between home and school, and are currently working with the reputable bus company – Red River. 

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Recommender locations


Listed below are some recommended residential locations that are close to ISPH and in the surrounding area. 

1. ParkCity Hanoi

Our beautiful residential township; which lays away within a private gated community, is perfect for families who seek the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. The wide open spaces and greenery within Park City allows for a great living location. As well as the current houses available, several apartment blocks are under construction and are due to be complete later this year. The town centre commercial area has just started to be built, and an international hospital is planned for the near future. Located on the same complex as ISPH the journey from school to home would only require a short walk. 

2. Vinhomes Green Bay

This newly completed site comprises three large apartment blocks, lakes, shops, pools and gardens, and a large area of housing. The complex is distinctly modern with high class facilities and is located around 15 to 20 minutes away from ISPH. 

3. The Manor (and neighbouring areas)

The Manor, which is a 25 minutes journey from ISPH is a High-end, attractive and vibrant residential area built up by a “high-rise zone” and villas. The Large Korean influence here makes for even more interesting shops, bars and restaurants than usual, and many high quality services. 

4. Royal City

If you fancy having SouthEast Asia’s largest underground shopping mall on your doorstep, this is the place for you. Several large apartment blocks, gardens, statues and many cafes and restaurants make this a nice area to be. The MRT is easily accessible from here and the journey to ISPH is around 25 minutes. 

Other locations include:

5. Mulberry Lane/ Seasons Avenue – A unique modern complex perfect for expats.

6. Vinhomes Gardenia – An area perfect for families with a range of good facilities.

7. Tay Ho – A large expat community with a range of accommodation options.The area comprises many gyms, shops, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. 

8. Ciputra – A quiet gated community, away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi centre.

Shop and restaurants

Across Hanoi there are multiple supermarket stores and you will be sure to find one close to where you locate. The big supermarkets include Aeon Mall, WinMart, Big-C and Mega Market.

For specialist western products, these can be found in small shops within Tay Ho district. 

Across many areas and districts in Hanoi you will be able to find a wide variety of resturants, selling foods from all around the world, dining out can be as expensive or inexpensive as you desire. 


Most household and furnishing products can be bought when you arrive in Hanoi. However, if you are considering bringing items across, below is a list of relocation companies we would recommend.

Crown Relocations




It is very easy to travel around Hanoi on a variety of transport modes, when considering how to travel we suggest taking into consideration your schedule and budget. 

Public Transport
Hanoi has a large bus network which can connect you to locations all across the city, this includes the ‘BRT’ which goes along Le Trong Tan, the main road ISPH is located on. The biggest advantage for using the bus is the low fares.

Hanoi traffic can be pretty daunting and busy, so you may consider travelling on the MRT to avoid traffic. The MRT opened in 2022 and the line runs very close to ISPH; Ha Dong station is around a 10 minute walk away.

Grab (part of Uber) is ubiquitous and has a wide range of options for motorbike taxis, car & van taxis of different types, available for single journeys or for hiring out for a period of time. Grab is quick, cheap and very reliable. An example price is around VND 75,0000 (GBP 2.50) for a car from ParkCity to Vinhomes GreenBay, a 20 minute ride. As per Uber, this can vary according to time of day / demand.

Bikes are the most popular way to get around town and are available for hire, or to buy new or second hand. Small bikes can be very affordable but you must be a competent rider before heading out alone.

Cars are very expensive in Vietnam and most expats that live in the city choose not to buy one, if you are considering a car rental is far more common and affordable (often with a driver). 

Cycling is still quite a popular way to get around, particularly on quieter roads. There are lots of nice rides in and around Hanoi and it would be a great way to explore the city.

Hanoi is a fantastic city for walking around and discovering, particularly in the old town. It may take a bit of getting used to, depending on where you have lived before but it’s the best way to get a feel for Hanoi life.

Other useful information

Vietnamese Dong – approx. 30,000VND = 1 GBP
Vietnamese Dong – approx. 24,000VND = 1 USD

Local Time
GMT +7 hours

The electricity supply in Hanoi is 220/240V AC with standard European 2 pin sockets. Adapters are easy to find and cheap, although you may want to bring some with you.

The tap water is not drinkable. You should use bottled water (from La Vie for example) instead. Apartment reception can arrange delivery for you.