Breaking Records: The International School @ ParkCity’s IGCSE Results 2023

In the beginning of the new school year, the International School @ ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH) proudly unveils its groundbreaking IGCSE results for the year 2023.

These results mark the first-ever ISPH’s IGCSE performance since its doors opened in 2019, establishing a new standard for excellence in international education in Hanoi. The students’ achievements not only attest to their dedication and hard work but also reflect the exceptional quality of education provided at ISPH.

General Score: A Testament to Excellence

The overall scores attained by our students in the IGCSE exams are nothing short of outstanding: 40% of the grades are A* – A, 56% achieved A* – B, and 76% secured A* – C. The percentage of A* – A grades stands out even more impressively compared to the 22.4% A* – A grades in the UK. Two exceptional students, QingQing Bai with 3 A* and 8 A, and Minh Pham with 3 A* and 7 A, achieved a full Top-Grades score. These remarkable individuals have not only made their families and ISPH proud but also set an example for their peers to aspire to.

Outperforming the UK and the World

ISPH’s 2023 IGCSE results outshine global and UK averages across various subjects, reaffirming our dedication to academic excellence.

Despite English not being the first language for the majority of ISPH students, remarkable results were achieved with 69% A* – A grades in First Language English and 61.54% A* – A grades in English Literature. By comparison, only 21.95% of students achieved Top Grades in First Language English worldwide, and 46% in English Literature.

In Mathematics, 35% of ISPH students achieved Top Grades, compared to 17.2% in the UK. Additionally, ISPH students achieved an 85% pass rate (A* – C), compared to 72.5% worldwide and 61.1% in the UK.

In Physics, the results are even more impressive, with 61.54% of ISPH students attaining Top Grades, compared to 46.5% worldwide. These remarkable statistics underscore ISPH’s commitment to providing world-class education that consistently rivals and surpasses international benchmarks.

Mr Stuart Hill – Head of Secondary at ISPH said:

‘I am incredibly proud of what the students and the staff have achieved with this set of results.  We pride ourselves on the development and progress of our students who attend our school and both the headline data and many underlying statistics prove how much our students have progressed and how proud they can be.  We have amazing teachers who are experts in their academic subjects and so it is also rewarding for them to see their hard work help produce outstanding results. ’

Preparing for the Future

These exceptional IGCSE results hold immense significance for ISPH students as they serve as a bridge to a bright future. These scores not only validate the rigorous academic preparation provided at ISPH but also pave the way for our students’ continued success. Achieving top grades in these international examinations not only showcases their academic prowess but also opens doors to a world of opportunities. 

Minh Pham – Year 12 student at ISPH shared: 

‘My success in the IGCSE exams can be attributed to the exceptional support from my teachers, whose enthusiasm and personalised guidance enhanced my understanding and motivation during exam preparation. Additionally, our school offers an excellent well-being program that equips students with effective stress management techniques and improves our study habits.’

Mr Andrew Dalton – Director of Education at ISP KL and ISPH explained how the first-ever IGCSE results are very important to ISPH:

I am absolutely delighted with our inaugural IGCSE examination results. The dedication of our students and the commitment of our teachers have shone brightly, establishing a remarkable benchmark for our educational journey. This milestone marks only the beginning as I am confident of even greater achievements in the future. My heartfelt congratulations goes to our students, and I extend sincere gratitude to the ISPH community for their unwavering support over recent years.

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