Proven Pathways to the World’s Universities: Discover the ISPH A-Levels Programme

The International School at ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH) is excited to announce the next phase of its development with the opening of the new Sixth Form Center this August 2023.

The Sixth Form Centre @ ISPH will provide 16 to 18 year old students with the best possible preparation for university entrance via the globally renowned A-Levels programme, delivered by highly qualified and experienced international teachers, within new purpose-built facilities. 

Highly-qualified teachers at ISPH will ensure the best academic outcome for your children.

The ‘Gold-standard’ of upper Secondary qualifications

One of the distinguishing features of A-Levels is their international recognition. A-Levels are widely accepted by universities around the world, opening doors to higher education opportunities globally. Every UK university, including Oxford and Cambridge, every Ivy League college in the United States, including Brown, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Yale and thousands more universities across Asia and the rest of the world accept these qualifications as part of their admissions process. Mr Stuart Hill – Head of Secondary at ISPH said that: ‘ISPH firmly believes that the A-Level programme is not merely a pathway to university but, when combined with high quality educational experiences, they become a transformative journey that will prepare students for life’s challenges and opportunities’.

Flexibility to choose the subjects

A Levels offer a broad and rigorous curriculum that allows students to specialise in subjects of their choice. Undoubtedly, A-Levels herald a significant academic advancement, propelling students toward a deeper comprehension of subjects while nurturing essential independent thinking skills. With the flexibility to study up to four subjects, students can choose to explore a broad range or concentrate on specific areas of interest. For example, some students may elect to study all three sciences, while others may opt for a combination of science, music, maths, and history.

ISPH is committed to providing its students with the ‘soft’ skills and qualities that universities and employers value in today’s competitive landscape.

Ensuring Academic Excellence

One of the most exciting aspects of the A-Levels programme at ISPH is the opportunity for students to allocate their time and pursue a project-based qualification. This allows students to delve into their chosen topic in great depth, producing a dissertation-style work that enhances their university applications. The experienced Sixth-form team at ISPH provides guidance on effective time management and helps students discover optimal learning strategies. 

With smaller class sizes, teachers can provide personalised attention and tailor their teaching to meet individual needs. Mr Stuart Hill said: ‘Thanks to meticulous strategic planning, the school has curated a broad and diverse curriculum that ensures personalisation, catering to the individual interests and aspirations of its students. Throughout their academic journey, ISPH’s dedicated sixth form team provides specialised guidance, constantly monitoring and supporting students’ progress, ensuring they are well-equipped to fulfil their individual potential.’

Relationship with ISP KL

ISPH also inherits educational achievements and teaching values from its sister school in Malaysia, The International School at ParkCity Kuala Lumpur (ISP KL). Last year, 75% of ISP KL students attained A-A* grades, showcasing the exceptional quality of teaching and learning within the A-Level programme. Students from ISP KL were admitted to prestigious universities around the world such as the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Christ University Bangalore, University of Alberta, Norwegian Business School and Erasmus University Rotterdam.  This partnership exemplifies the commitment of ISPH to provide an exceptional A-Level programme and prepare students for success in their future academic pursuits.

ISPH have appointed Mr. Crispin Kendall as the new Head of Sixth Form for its highly anticipated A-Level programme. With eight years of experience at ISP KL, Mr. Kendall brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lead the A-Level programme’s development and the sixth form as a whole. As part of the school’s commitment to excellence, ISPH has also recruited a team of teachers who have been carefully selected to enhance the depth and expertise of the subjects delivered in the A-Level programme.

ISPH firmly believes that the A-Level programme is not merely a pathway to university but, when combined with high quality educational experiences, they become a transformative journey that will prepare students for life’s challenges and opportunities

College Admissions and Career Planning

ISPH understands the importance of comprehensive preparation for students transitioning to A Levels. In recognition of this critical phase, this academic year, ISPH has implemented a range of initiatives to equip Year 11 students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and guidance. We have invited a number of trustworthy university counsellors to host sessions on university entrance information. Among them is Mr. Kien Pham, who serves as one of the Board of Trustees for ISPH and has been widely recognized for his education initiatives that have greatly contributed to Vietnam for over 20 years. Mr Kien Pham was also named as one of the “Most Outstanding 100 Alumni” in the Stanford University’s 100-year history in 1990 and he is also a recipient of an honorary doctorate of law degree from Pfeiffer University. Mr Kien Pham offers personalised College Admissions and Career Planning sessions on a monthly basis, providing invaluable guidance to both parents and students as they prepare for their future steps and navigate the university application process to ensure the selection of the right universities for their individual aspirations.

Beyond the classroom

ISPH is committed to providing its students with the ‘soft’ skills and qualities that universities and employers value in today’s competitive landscape. Universities and employers are increasingly seeking well-rounded individuals who possess not only academic excellence but also a broader range of essential skills. According to a recent survey, 91% of university admissions officers consider an applicant’s extracurricular activities and personal qualities when making admissions decisions.  In other research Stanford Research Center, Harvard University, and Carnegie foundation found that a whopping 85% of job success comes from excellent soft and people skills and 15% from technical skills and according to McKinsey and Microsoft, 30-40% of future jobs will depend on social-emotional skills.  We live in a time of exponential change and the world’s biggest companies are vocal about the need for graduates to have the soft skills that make them employable, the skills that a robot or artificial intelligence do not have.

Mr Stuart Hill added: ‘At ISPH, we understand that education extends beyond academic qualifications. That’s why our A-Levels programme incorporates five core elements: the core curriculum, Academic Extension, Community outreach & life skills, Counselling & Guidance, and an enrichment programme that encompasses both extracurricular and super-curricular activities. Through this holistic approach, students are exposed to a myriad of opportunities, fostering their overall development and empowering them for future success.’

To support the A-Level programme, ISPH has established a new Sixth Form Centre, which will provide students with state-of-the-art facilities. The centre will feature dedicated study areas, communal spaces for collaboration and relaxation, as well as a specialised careers counselling and universities office. These facilities have been designed to create an ideal learning environment where students can thrive and receive the support they need to excel.

ISPH warmly welcomes applications from all students interested in joining its esteemed community. Through a thorough cognitive ability test and interview process, the school endeavours to identify individuals who are an excellent fit for the sixth-form programme. Generally, students applying for A-Level study at ISPH should possess a strong work ethic and a solid understanding of English to access the taught academic content.

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The International School @ ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH) is located in the beautiful township of ParkCity Hanoi, offering extensive programmes of study based on the UK curriculum, combined with international programmes for both local and expatriate students aged 3 to 18 years. Our mission is to provide a high-quality education, set high and achievable expectations, and create a safe school in which every student is happy and treated as an individual.